About Us

Once upon a nightmare…

Grimm Brothers Halloween is a family owned and operated website with a skeleton crew. Like our adopted namesakes, who collected the folk and fairy tales of the Old World, our trade is in the collection of the unique, fantastical, and grotesque. We are the Summerlin family and for us, “Every Day is Halloween”. As kids in the late seventies and early eighties, we grew up with home “spook houses”, community haunted houses and a real love for Halloween and the macabre. For over twenty years we’ve lived and worked in historic Natchitoches, Louisiana, the oldest permanent European settlement in the Louisiana Purchase Territory and a beautiful (and sometimes creepy) old Southern town.

Keeping the fairy tale fiends and storybook nightmares alive has taken up a lot of our time over the years. We are avid home haunters, collectors of the gothic and macabre, horror movie enthusiasts, and we love long walks in a darkened cemetery… among other things. The year round obsession with things Halloween and our professional lives as artists and designers with in house development capabilities seemed a natural combination and so Grimm Brothers Halloween was born!

The goal of Grimm Brothers Halloween is to showcase Halloween products, costumes, masks, props and costumes for the Halloween loving public and distribute information so that haunters of every level can enjoy the Halloween experience like never before. Our growing collection of products and attractions from artisans, fx shops, manufacturers and industry professionals that create truly unique products, sets Grimm Brothers Halloween apart from other sites. We are looking forward to adding you to our collection of friends and fiends!