Do you need help fitting your Dental Distortions FX Fangs or Teeth?  These instructions will help you through every step of the way to a perfect fit for your new monstrous chompers.  It won’t take long and this step-by-step guide will have your new devilish grin ready in no time.

Dental Distortions FX Fangs and Teeth are made using a thin semi-flexible material. It is ideal to use warm water to soften the veneer to adjust the fit for your individual arch size. You will need hot water to properly soften the thermoplastic fitting beads.

How to Properly Fit the Dental Distortions FX Fangs and Teeth

Heat up a cup of warm water until it is about 140 F (60 C). Place the veneer shell into the hot water for 30 seconds. Remove with utensil.

Adjust the veneer by gently bending it over your teeth, pushing and holding it in place. Wait for 30 seconds then remove and set aside.

Take a cup of hot water (160 – 170 F) and pour some of the fitting pellets into the hot water. Use 3/4 of the packet for the upper teeth and 1/4 for the lower teeth. When the pellets are clear stir gently and remove the softened material with a metal spoon.

Roll the softened clear material into a snake shape about 2 inches long and 1/4 inch thick. Place the softened material onto the back of the veneer teeth. IMPORTANT: You want to place the material low on the appliance where your teeth will be located.

Make sure to push some of the material into each of the two small holes on each side of the appliance. This will help hold the material in place.

Working quickly, place the veneer onto your teeth in an upward motion for the upper teeth and a downward motion for the lower teeth.

Hold in place for approximately 45 seconds, then gently pry the appliance loose from the teeth and then place the veneer onto your teeth again to break any undercuts. Hold the veneers in place for another 90 seconds more then carefully remove the veneer teeth from the mouth.

Set the teeth aside and let the fitting material cool completely.

You can trim the excess fitting material on your fx fangs or teeth with a sharp knife, such as an Exacto knife, or a pair of small scissors. The goal is to trim away as much fitting material behind the teeth as possible without compromising a good snug fit. The special fx veneer appliance is designed to snap over the front of your teeth. You usually won’t need any fitting material behind the teeth. Leaving too much behind your teeth will most likely affect your speech.

Cleaning and Storage of your FX Fangs and Teeth

Before storing your fx fangs or teeth, clean your appliance well with 70% alcohol and a brush. You can also use a mixture of 20% bleach and 80% water


Helpful Tips

  • Fitting the lower teeth first can make it easier to line up the upper teeth.
  • Take your time!  It’s not a race so don’t be in a rush.  A proper fit will make all the difference with your speech.
  • If it is uncomfortable after the first fit, do it over again.  Wearing an appliance that doesn’t fit is no fun and could leave you sore.
  • LESS IS MORE when applying the fitting plastic material.  It is easier to add more plastic where is is needed than to remove it once is has become solid.