Think you found a “better deal” on contacts lenses on another site? BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU BUY YOUR HALLOWEEN CONTACT LENSES!

BEWARE! Some websites are selling non regulated, non approved Cosmetic, Halloween and Theatrical contact lenses. Most of these lenses are coming from China and Asia and have not been tested or evaluated by the FDA in terms of sterility and “Good Manufacturing Practices” Some colors used to make these lenses are toxic and some could actually be carcinogenic.

The Grimm Brothers take your health and sight seriously. We use ONLY Soft Lens Technologies brand custom and stock contact lenses, a SAFE, FDA approved Halloween Contact Lens with quality that you can TRUST. We stake our reputation on them!

Grimm Brothers Halloween cares about your health and safety when it comes to wearing theatrical contact lenses. We follow all guidelines provided by the FDA to help protect you from illegal and dangerous lenses. All of the Halloween lenses at Grimm Brothers are manufactured in facilities that are approved and inspected by the FDA.