Virtual Tombstones DVD

Virtual Tombstones DVD (Item #: 15-TOMBSTONE)

Price: $19.99  $17.95


Over 50 Tombstones in this Twisted Cemetery. Each one displays a humorous epitaph. Many of the occupants are not happy to see you.

The first video to have VERTICAL MODE. Turn your TV on it's side and create a Virtual Tombstone !!

In a Window: Take your Halloween to the next level with these original DVD Mood Enhancing Videos from Twisted Ambience. These DVDs are funny and just plain bizarre and get you into the holiday mood. Place your TV in a window for your very own virtual environment to welcome trick-or-treaters!

At A Party: Don't put on a game during your party, use one of these original state of the art videos. Wide-screen compatible - great for flat-screen and HD TVs. Your guests will be spellbound!

Queue Line Entertainment: Entertain your guests while they wait in line at your haunt. Each video has its own original music, sound effects and animated environment. The DVDs have continuous looping for unlimited running time which is perfect for any event!

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