Skull Foam Latex Appliance

Skull Foam Latex Appliance (Item #: 13-FASKULL)

Price: $49.99


A timeless classic. The skull is a bold, iconic piece with the cold scowl of Death itself. This is a two piece appliance (face & bottom jaw) that makes the eyes look sunken very deep so that under a hood they almost disappear completely. Perfect for a grim reaper costume, mummy, or just plain old skeleton.

  • Made in the USA

Full frontal face prosthetic in foam latex. Supplied unpainted.

High quality CFX foam latex appliances are built specifically for the haunted house industry. These appliances are cast with a higher density, animatronic grade foam to stand up to the rigors of long term application and wear while still allowing full facial expression.

Grimm Brothers recommends application with Pros-Aide Adhesive and removal with Grimm Brothers Pros-Aide Remover for maximum reuse-ability in harsh conditions.

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