Hollow Ichigo Sclera Custom Contact Lens

Hollow Ichigo Sclera Custom Contact Lens (Item #: 05-ICHIGO)

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Price: $219.99  $139.99 Per Lens

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This lens covers most of the white part (sclera) of the eye. Each pair of our sclera custom contact lenses is hand-painted when you order. Every detail counts and it shows in these high quality special effects lenses.

  • Price listed is for ONE Lens.
  • Diameter (22.0) Base Curve (9.0)
  • Material: Polymacon 62%, Water 38%
  • Made for occasional wear.
  • Not recommended for sleeping.
  • "Wear and Care" instructions included.
  • With occasional use and proper care will last 1 year.

Hollow Ichigo

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Definetly buy them (5/5) Sep 28, 2012 Kyle
  I decided to be hollow ichigo while I was in hawaii for an anime convention and halloween. At the convention I stood out among any and all costumes there because of these lenses. Same for halloween night, sure lots of people didn't know who I was but they loved it anyway. they also lasted for me (personally) beyond the 1 yr mark. Grimm can't sign off on it, but take them to a optometrist to evaluate them. Make great fun for random bar nights! Enjoy, will probably order them again.