Props and Haunted House Decorations

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Animated Props and Halloween Animatronics will leave your friends and family wondering "Is it alive?" Only you'll know for sure. Haunt your house with props from Grimm Brothers and leave'em more than just a little scared this Halloween.

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Haunt Music and Sound Effects »

Do you have a Gruesome Graveyard in your yard for Halloween? We've got the perfect soundtrack. Do the kids run screaming from your Psycho Circus tent? We've got the perfect soundtrack. Choose from Atmospheric Ambient Loops or fully Orchestrated Masterpieces by Haunt Industry maestros that are sure to put the Fear in their Ears!

Fog Chillers »

Fog Chillers transform fog machine smoke into low-lying heavy ground fog perfect for the neighborhood Halloween Party or Haunted House. We carry a variety of fog chillers and low fog generators that are suitable for any budget.