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Makeup Supplies and Special Effects Appliances

Adhesives and Removers »

When it comes to adhesives you only want the best! We offer a full line of liquid and cream adhesives with the best remover on the market!

Appliances and Prosthetics »

Grimm Brothers carries only the highest quality Latex appliances and prosthetics. These appliances allow for full facial expression but with your own personal style!

Blood and Gore »

From the tiniest cut to bloody buckets, we have got you covered! We have so many sizes and textures to choose from you will love making a bloody mess!

Color Wheels »

Make your Halloween costume makeup and appliances come to life! We have color wheels and palletes to give a subtle effect or a dramatic flare. Choose from a variety of pallets and sets.

FX Fangs and Teeth »

Can't take a bite out of your prey without...teeth! No costume is complete without them! To take your costume to the next level and check out our full line of fangs and teeth. We are sure you will find something to sink your teeth into!

Gelatin and Liquid Latex »

Gelatin and Liquid Latex gives you all the gore with just a little effort! Make quick cuts and knicks with great ease.

Makeup Basics and Tools »

Find the finishing touches for your costume. Add crepe hair, color your teeth and nails, or a variety of setting and makeup powders.

Makeup Kits and Combo Packs »

Get all the products you need to bring the monster out in you! Easy to use kits and combo packs will help you put together all the pieces to make your character great!!