SFX Contacts and Special Effects Contact Lenses

No character, creature or costume is complete without the finishing touches. Finish your costume with Halloween Contacts from GrimmBrothersHalloween.com! With dozens of styles to choose from, you can't go wrong!

Theatrical Colored Contact Lenses »

Our Halloween Theatrical FX Contact Lenses are the economical way to go if your on a budget. At these prices, you can purchase multiple pairs and SAVE! Over 60 different styles and colors to choose from.

Sclera Contact Lenses »

Sclera Lenses cover your entire visible eye and are hand painted after you place your order.

Vampire Contacts »

From the dark corners of the world, a brood is gathering to drink the blood of the innocent. The vampires masquerade as mortal flesh until the urge becomes too strong to bear. Get bit, or at least look the part with our top picks for Vampire special effect lenses.

Zombie Contacts »

Argghh! They're coming to get you ... or are they? Why not fit it and act the part? That sad, vacant expression may just be the only way to survive. With this selection of Zombie special effect lenses, you'll be walking like the dead in no time!

Blacklight Contacts »

Rave UV Reactive Contact Lenses glow under Blacklight and are perfect for Blacklight parties! These Blacklight Contacts are available in Neon Blue, Neon Green, Neon Pink and Neon Yellow.