Barnabus the White Fish Silicone Mask

Barnabus the White Fish Silicone Mask (Item #: 13-SMBARNWH)

Price: $569.99

Availability: Ships approx 8 Weeks after placing order

Evolutionary anomaly, freakish hybrid, or the wretched spawn of ancient sea creatures; whatever he is, Barnabas the fish is a disturbing aberration to behold with gill folds, oddly shaped head and dangling skin growths. Comes in disgusting white, if you're sliding down the drain pipe into the sewers, or slimy green, if your ready to plunge into the briny deep.

  • ♂ Male fit mask
  • Ships approx 8 Weeks after placing order
  • Made in the USA

Includes FREE Joe Human Display Head

Our silicone masks are made of a skin-soft, extremely flexible silicone rubber. These masks are fitted to the contours of the face to achieve free mouth and head movement as well as allowing natural breathing, hearing, and full vision. When you talk the mouth moves!

Silicone masks will not dry rot, experience paint chipping, cause excessive sweating, and are safe for actors who are allergic to latex rubber. This silicone mask is reinforced in stress areas to reduce the common problem of running tears.

CFX Silicone Masks are designed, sculpted, molded, produced, and painted all in one workshop by the same team of professionals.

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