Animation Maestro I Prop Controller

Animation Maestro I Prop Controller (Item #: 16-AM1300)

Price: $69.99

Extreme Scare Action

Developed for Professional Haunted Attractions at a GREAT PRICE!

Easy to program just record like you are acting the part yourself! Powered by 12vdc power supply (included) can be triggered or run continuous! Follows what you record for up to 2 Minutes of programming time! Has NO* and NC** contacts so can turn off light when prop activates! Delay before, Delay after with perfect precision just wait how long you want! Flip-Flop lights for a mirror changing illusions! Give some real action to that ONE POP WONDER pneumatic prop! Several AMs can be triggered at the same time to create a complex animation! Use as fogger control to get long and short blasts on a 2 min repeat cycle! Relay rated at 110 vac. so with proper wiring can control any AC prop!

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